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  • Wild Fennel 50 g

    Wild fennel is mainly used in cooking as a spice to flavour dishes or in the preparation of infusions and herbal teas because of its rich anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

  • Oregano Calabria

    Oregano di Calabria leaves 15 g

    Oregano of Calabria leaves. Format: 15 g. Origin: 100 % Calabria. Oregano di Calabria leaves, hand-picked at the foot of Aspromonte. Use it to flavour first and second courses of meat and fish but also to create infusions. Ingredients: 100% Oregano. Oregano is a herbaceous plant mainly from the mountains, with an intense smell and unmistakable flavour. Oregano promotes and aids digestive processes, improves the wellbeing of the nervous system, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, natural anti-cellulite.

  • Hot chilli powder 80 g

    Calabrian chilli powder. Jar of 70 g. Chilli origin: ITALY (Calabria). Ingredients: 100% chilli powder. Chilli has a wide antioxidant power due to the flavonoids it contains, it is rich in vitamin C and minerals, its use helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, helps metabolism and for weight loss, but it is also useful to fight sore throat.

  • Spice preparation for Spaghettata alla Calabrese 100 g

    Spice preparation for Spaghettata alla Calabrese 100 g. Agro Pic’s Spaghettata alla Calabrese is a preparation of parsley, garlic and chilli for pasta. Preservative free. 100 g format. Chilli peppers have broad antioxidant power and are rich in vitamin C and minerals. They prevent cardiovascular disease, increase metabolism and aid weight loss, but are also useful against sore throats.