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  • Nduja


    ‘Nduja spalmabile Calabrese

    Formato 180 g

    Ingredienti: ‘Nduja 96% (grasso di suino 42%, carne di suino 30%, peperoncino 25%, sale 3%) olio di oliva 4%.

    Senza conservanti, senza coloranti e senza addensanti

    ‘Nduja di Calabria, ottenuta da carni italiane.

    Leggi la descrizione completa per maggiori informazioni.

  • Bergamot cream 165 g

    Homemade bergamot spread. Ideal for filling cakes or crepes or for spreading on bread for delicious breakfasts. Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oils and fats (sunflower), skimmed powdered milk*, natural flavouring of Reggio Calabria bergamot, emulsifier: E322: soya lecithin*. / May contain traces of nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts and peanuts).

  • Black Olive Pate 200 g

    Intense and lively taste, ideal for rustic dishes and aperitifs, also excellent if spread on bread for tasty snacks. The beneficial properties are the lowering of bad ldl cholesterol and increase the production of good cholesterol.

  • Almond Cream 165 g

    Almond Cream is a sweet spread, ideal for tasty breakfasts and snacks, superlative when spread on bread and toast.

  • Sale!

    Artichoke Pate 200 g

    Ideal for filling sandwiches or served on canapés for tasty aperitifs. This spreadable cream, with its authentic flavour, can also be combined with first and second courses of meat.

  • Red Onion Pate 220 g

    Red Onion Pate is a creamy spread with a very strong and distinct flavour. Ideal for stuffing sandwiches or fish and meat dishes. The onion has many beneficial properties rich in vitamins and minerals, reduces cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides. It improves blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Dried tomato pate 200 g

    Dried tomato pate. Ideal spread on a slice of bread, in aperitifs and rustic hors d’oeuvres, also excellent for stuffing sandwiches. Preservative free! Format: Glass jar of 200 g. Excellent for keeping in good physical shape, low in calories, its beneficial properties: Prevents cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, colon and prostate cancer and osteoporosis.

  • Green olive pate 200 g

    Green olive pate. Intense and lively taste, ideal for rustic and aperitifs, excellent also if spread on bread for tasty snacks. Ingredients: Green olives, oregano, garlic, chilli pepper, salt and sunflower oil olive oil, citric acid and ascorbic acid. Product without preservatives! Olives 100% Calabrian. 200 g format.