Liability statement is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and/or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered in the catalogue published on the website, even for delayed and/or non-delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods with the specifications published on the website, nor for any other event not directly attributable to
Product availability
In the product catalogue published on the website. Since access and the possibility of placing orders online change the availability of the product in real time, does not guarantee the certainty of delivery of the goods ordered. It is possible that some products in our catalogue show 0,00 € as purchase price, this value indicates that those products are temporarily not available.
Orders can be sent in 3 ways:
Via the website
By sending an email to specifying the items, the quantity, any sizes/measures, the shipping address and the method of payment chosen.
By calling 349 5651669 (recommended).
All prices listed on the website, in the relevant column, are inclusive of VAT. Prices may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Goods supplied must be paid for by Bank Transfer in Advance, Paypal/Credit Card/Prepaid or Cash on Delivery.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing with

Right of withdrawal.
The private customer may, within 15 days of receipt of the goods, exercise the right of withdrawal if he does not find the product to his liking.
At the customer’s choice, will refund the value of the product or replace the item with an equivalent product. If the customer wishes to exercise this right, it is necessary to give notice by registered letter with return receipt within 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods, and to send the material for which the replacement or refund is requested within and not later than 15 days from receipt of the same directly to In the event of a request for reimbursement, shall reimburse the amount due within 10 days from the date of receipt depending on the method of payment chosen at the time of purchase.

The following rules apply to the right of withdrawal:
The customer must be a private individual, (the purchase can be made with a receipt or invoice).
The product must be intact, complete in all its parts, re-sealable packaging not damaged or creased.
All transport or packaging costs are the responsibility of the customer., does not reimburse the costs of transport, either outward or return, sending postal documentation or other., will only refund the actual value of the product (verifiable on at the time it is delivered/received by our company. reserves the right to withhold €3 to €12 from the refund in the event of damaged cardboard packaging.